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RIP Gary Speed

Woke up this morning to find out that former Everton skipper Gary Speed had been found dead in his home in Chester at the age of 42. I’m absolutely shocked and devastated to hear this. I remember the day Everton signed Gary Speed, a boyhood Blue, from Leeds and being so chuffed. Although his time at Everton was short lived and he left Everton under not so great circumstances he was still loved at the club, and never gave any less than 101% every time he put the Royal Blue on.

I was devastated the day Gary left Everton for Newcastle, I’m even more devastated knowing he is no longer with us.

Rest In Peace Gary Speed

Nil Satis Nisioptimum



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Everton 2 – 1 Wolves

The Blue Union (Photo taken by Me please source your photo to my blog or credit if your going to use it. Thanks)

I guess I’m overdue on a post match review of this one as it’s been almost 5 days now since Everton managed to record only their 2nd home league win of the season and I think the main reason for this is because for the last few days I’ve been trying to word out an entry discussing my views and opinions on what is going on at the club at the moment. Obviously as 99% of Blues will know there was a march prior to the game on Saturday regarding the Blue Union vs Kenwright and the board. Now up till now I’ve not really reported publicly my views and opinion on the goings on and where I stand and to be fair I won’t be doing so in this entry. I’m still writing quite a big article on my views that I have been working on for a couple of days and I’ve been approaching in a manner as to not offend too much and not find my self on the end of social persecution from those who’s opinion differs to mine but at the same time be completely honest and say where I stand from a personal point of view. I’ll just say now quickly that YES I AM a supporter of the Blue Union and have been from the start but I’ll leave it at that for now and hopefully I’ll be able to finish my article regarding Blue Union vsThe Board within the next day or two, that is if I don’t consistently hit writers block.

As for the game itself, what can I say, 3 points are 3 points and I’m made up but, as usual, we did it the hard way again.

Our view for the day. Upper Bullens Row R Seat 91

I managed to get to the game myself on Saturday with my good friend Alex unfortunately we ended up in the heavens right at the back of the Upper Bullens right next to the away fans….well at least were the away fans should of been. Surprisingly, Wolves didn’t sell out their allocation for this which I found bizarre considering tickets for the Top of the Bullens were only £20 on the day. Nevertheless, we didn’t exactly have the best seats in house but Im not going to complain a tickets a ticket and considering I don’t get to the game as much these days through being completely skint it was boss just to be able to get to Goodison and even better to get the win. However, like I said we did it the hard way again. Fellaini celebrated his 5 year contract extension this week by giving away a penalty that saw Stephen Hunt put Wolves 1-0 up. However, a consolation equalizer just 5 minutes later from Jags’ header off a Bainesy free kick got the ball rolling for Everton who had been dominant throughout the first half. Everton could of found themselves 2-1 up before half time no thanks to a poor refereeing decision by one of the WORST and most unprofessional referees I’ve ever seen at Goodison. Cahill was brought down by the scruff of his neck by Wolves defender Henry and the referee waived on what was a blatant stonewall penalty, absolutely awful.

The second half saw Everton continue to dominate and have plenty of the ball and plenty of chances, but the ball just didn’t seem to want to go in. However, a lucky break arrived in the 83rd minute when the referee finally pulled his head out of his arse and awarded Everton a penalty after Lois Saha was brought down in the box, up step Bainesy who cooly and collectively slotted away the winner which brought 3 points and with it a nice climb out of the relegation trap door area to just below mid table. Happy Days.

"Your support is fucking shit" - An empty Upper Bullens were Wolves fans should of been

So three points it is then and a nice rise up the table for the Blues, Bolton away next week who are struggling at the arse end of the table so a tough match ahead. Hopefully though the win against Wolves could be the game that turns fortunes around and see’s the Blues start flying high. However, this is Everton so I’m not going to start counting my chickens just yet.


My Man of the Match: Bainesy, outstanding throughout the match and scored as well as assisted.

Attendance: 33,953

Squad: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Heitinga, Baines, Coleman, Fellaini, Osman, Drente (Bilyaletdinov), Cahill (Vellios), Saha (Stracquarlursi)

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I dislike Tumblr, I’ve never been a massive fan of it. I had an account on there a couple of years ago but stopped using it as it got annoying and full of bad meffs thinking they were dead unique and artsy. However, it has millions of users worldwide and is an easy way to gain more traffic onto THIS blog, so I figured I may as well. Plus I’ve decided I’ll use it to put a few little things that won’t usually make it onto the blog.

So if you have a Tumblr account feel free to add me etc.



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Lest We Forget

Image courtesy of The Casual Connoisseur Blog

“They went with songs to the battle, they were young. Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted. They fell with their faces to the foe. They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”

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Recent Reads #1 – PROPER Magazine Issue.11

Yes, I've used this picture sue me!

Back in the 80’s a group of scouse lads set out to write a little cut and paste fanzine talking about the footy, having a bevvy, trainers, life in Liverpool, music and genuilly just taking the piss out of everything. This little fanzine spawned into one of the best loved independent fanzines for the average lad on the terrace with an eye for smart gear, an ear for good music and a taste for a good bevvy. THE END magazine set the bar for independent fanzines and was loved by all who read it including legendary DJ the late John Peel who described the magazines contents of being “the very stuff of life itself.” Unfortunately for me I wasn’t born till 1986 so I never got the opportunity to experience THE END in all it’s witty glory, however many new publications have popped up over the recent years that have had that “The End” sort of inspiration and feel behind it that touch up on an even broader field of subjects for both the new generation of lads with the eyes, ears and taste for fashion, music and ale and the lads of yesteryear who can remember the days of The End and all the various other fanzines of their time.

For me, personally, none do it better than that of PROPER Mag. Proper started out as a website by two mates who then turned it into a small fanzine over 5 years ago with the intention of writing about smart gear, ale and footy. As the zine has aged it’s certainly graced and become a bit of a full on magazine, the most recent issue being a perfectly bound glossy 112 pages long. Although each issue come out every 6 months or so it’s become one of my favourite to read ever since I accidentally stumbled across issue 9 a couple of years ago. It’s a perfect combination of well written articles, interviews and reviews of smart clothes and the people behind the creation as well as well-humoured piss taking and witty banter of the best kind.

I recently picked up Issue 11 from Weavers Door in Liverpool and was certainly far from disappointed. The new issue covers a brilliant broad range of articles including an interview with Tokhito Yoshida, the man behind Barbour’s recent To Ki To range, and his wife whilst on a fly fishing trip and articles on London’s hidden gems, Norweigan scran, A guide to drinking real ale and rare albums you need in your life but don’t have. There’s also some great plugs and reviews of some very smart brands like Velour, 6876, Our Legacy and Vera as well as brilliant “Wish List” guide for an idea of perfect items to pick up once that winning lottery ticket pays up or that bank heist you’ve been planning all your life works out.

For me though it was a certain interview in this issue that really caught my eye. It was the interview with Yorkshire born Robert Wade-Smith the man behind the one and only Wade Smiths in Liverpool. Though I was born in the latter half of the 80’s and never got to experience the great “Trainer Boom” that happened in the city I certainly do have my memories as a kid of my ma buying my trainers for school every year from there and me always wanting to get the coolest (and usually most expensive) pair going and then eventually buying my Kickers and Pod’s that I wore for high school.  It’s a cracking little article for anyone with good memories of the once great Wade Smiths even if they, like me, weren’t around for the trainer boom.

Certainly a publication I would recommend anyone to pick up whilst they still can. It’s stocked in a handful of men’s clothes shops and record stores scattered about the country like Weavers in Liverpool or Oi Polloi! in Manchester but can also be bought from the Proper Mag’s direct WEBSITE which also acts as a bit of a webzine for articles and reviews that don’t make it to the zine. The Proper lads are also on the usual mediums of Twitter and Facebook so get adding and friending them now but most of all GO BUY THE MAG!!! Go on, stop being a meff and go get it, before it sells out and you feel foolish for not actually taking my advice for once.

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Newcastle 2 – 1 Everton

And you wonder why I hate geordies?

Not alot to write about this to be fair, I was going to do a pre match build up on the game and how much I absolutely despise Newcastle United and everything associated with the city, but I’ve been busy and it wasn’t worth my time. I will tell you now quickly that I do HATE Newcastle, Geordies and all associated with the city of Newcastle and I have my reasons so getting beat by this lot, for me personally, is on the same par as getting beat by Liverpool. Ok maybe not as bad as but without question  it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Everton went into the game against “Da Toon” as total underdogs, which alone is embarrassing enough, as Newcastle are on a decent run, for a change, and are aiming for European football next season where as Everton are looking to try and avoid slipping into the relegation spots. Horrible feeling that is.

Pretty much had defeat from the get go with this one. I’m not one to jump on the Moyes Out bandwagon because I don’t dislike Moyes but I do have to question his constantly poor negative tactics against clubs like Newcastle. One lone striker against this lot in Lois Saha and no other proper out and out strikers on the bench as Vellios was taken injured at last minute. I suppose James McFadden could be classed as one but he doesn’t count in my eyes because I still don’t understand why we re-signed him in the first place but there you.

Anyway as for the game itself Everton were poor in first half and Newcastle opened the scoring with a clumsy own goal by our own Johnny Heitinga and not long after were 2-0 up against us after a poor clearance from Rodwell saw Taylor (redshite) blast a shot over Tim Howards head and in the back of the net. Fair play it was a good goal and it pretty much sunk Everton. However, despite some of the negative tactics and taking off a midfielder and replacing him with a defender at 2-0, we got back into it and pulled a consolation just before half time with Jack Rodwell scoring. You would think this set the tone for the 2nd half and maybe a comeback was on the cards but it wasn’t to be, though we looked strong in the 2nd half we just couldn’t break “da toon’s” defense and it ended in a 2-1 defeat. So that’s 10 points from 10 games now for Everton. Not good enough, a lot needs to change and change quick, the negative tactics need to stopped and we need to start scoring quickly before it all goes tits up. Wolves next at Goodison after the international break. This is the time for the players and manager alike to step up and get the ball rolling before we end up stirring the bottom 3 spots dead on.


My Man of the match: Jack Rodwell I suppose, scored the goal and worked fairly hard through the game

Attendance: 50,671

Squad: Howard, Heitinga (McFadden), Jagielka, Hibbert (Cahill), Baines, Coleman, Rodwell, Drenthe, Neville (Distin), Osman, Saha



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Prat of the Week #2

It’s that time of the week again, where I take a particular individual in the world, celebrity or not, and rip him/her and call them prat of the week. Very simple.

This week has been a VERY hard one for me mainly because I haven’t been keeping up with the news or come across any particular prats that jump out at me, apart from a few disguntled fellow Evertonians that make me embarrased to support the club, so this week’s prat of the week could be seen as a bit unfair and maybe slightly uncalled for. However, without further ado this week’s prat of the week goes to JOHN RYAN.

Oh John what have you done you prat!

For those who don’t know John Ryan is a “pioneer” of plastic surgery with a Guinness record as the oldest footballer of all time once coming on as a substitute in a league game aged 52. He is also the Chairman of Doncaster Rovers Football Club. Seems a pretty harmless guy right? Yeh, to be fair he is. So why would the chairman of Doncaster Rovers, a football club I have zero interest and zero affiliation with, be deemed by me as prat of the week? Well it’s for one reason and one reason only. He’s just put the most hated footballer in the country on a wage at his football club.

Yes Mr Ryans beloved Rovers have just signed the biggest and vilest bellend to ever grace the English Football Leagues, the one, the only (thank christ) El Hadji Diouf.

Oh Christ, not you again!!

Just when English football fans had thought we had seen the back of this complete and utter gobshite Mr Ryan goes and brings him back on a three month contract. I won’t go into details as to why I hate Diouf as much because, let’s be honest, it’s obvious how much of a vile, detestable human being this waste of space is. All I will ask is WHY? Mr Ryan, WHY? Why would you want this complete helmet affiliated with your football club? I’m just so glad that Donny are not and never will be a Premier League side. So, though it may seem somewhat petty that is why Mr John Ryan is officially prat of the week. Nice one John, you bulb!

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