Newcastle 2 – 1 Everton

And you wonder why I hate geordies?

Not alot to write about this to be fair, I was going to do a pre match build up on the game and how much I absolutely despise Newcastle United and everything associated with the city, but I’ve been busy and it wasn’t worth my time. I will tell you now quickly that I do HATE Newcastle, Geordies and all associated with the city of Newcastle and I have my reasons so getting beat by this lot, for me personally, is on the same par as getting beat by Liverpool. Ok maybe not as bad as but without question  it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Everton went into the game against “Da Toon” as total underdogs, which alone is embarrassing enough, as Newcastle are on a decent run, for a change, and are aiming for European football next season where as Everton are looking to try and avoid slipping into the relegation spots. Horrible feeling that is.

Pretty much had defeat from the get go with this one. I’m not one to jump on the Moyes Out bandwagon because I don’t dislike Moyes but I do have to question his constantly poor negative tactics against clubs like Newcastle. One lone striker against this lot in Lois Saha and no other proper out and out strikers on the bench as Vellios was taken injured at last minute. I suppose James McFadden could be classed as one but he doesn’t count in my eyes because I still don’t understand why we re-signed him in the first place but there you.

Anyway as for the game itself Everton were poor in first half and Newcastle opened the scoring with a clumsy own goal by our own Johnny Heitinga and not long after were 2-0 up against us after a poor clearance from Rodwell saw Taylor (redshite) blast a shot over Tim Howards head and in the back of the net. Fair play it was a good goal and it pretty much sunk Everton. However, despite some of the negative tactics and taking off a midfielder and replacing him with a defender at 2-0, we got back into it and pulled a consolation just before half time with Jack Rodwell scoring. You would think this set the tone for the 2nd half and maybe a comeback was on the cards but it wasn’t to be, though we looked strong in the 2nd half we just couldn’t break “da toon’s” defense and it ended in a 2-1 defeat. So that’s 10 points from 10 games now for Everton. Not good enough, a lot needs to change and change quick, the negative tactics need to stopped and we need to start scoring quickly before it all goes tits up. Wolves next at Goodison after the international break. This is the time for the players and manager alike to step up and get the ball rolling before we end up stirring the bottom 3 spots dead on.


My Man of the match: Jack Rodwell I suppose, scored the goal and worked fairly hard through the game

Attendance: 50,671

Squad: Howard, Heitinga (McFadden), Jagielka, Hibbert (Cahill), Baines, Coleman, Rodwell, Drenthe, Neville (Distin), Osman, Saha




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  1. Good Lord, that picture’s horrifying.

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