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Stone Island’s 30th Anniversary

Haven’t been writing a lot recently I’ve been busy, the next weeks are going to be even busier. I have an American friend travelling over next week and will be heading to the shambles that is Everton Football Club play away at Wigan’s ever “atmospheric”, yeh right, DW Stadium in a fortnight as well planning my wedding which is just 197 days away, CHRIST. I will try and get some writing done between now and then so try and bare with me as I try and juggle job interviews, weddings plans and attempting to maintain a slightly active social life.

For now watch this video, it’s a brilliant sneak peak of whats upcoming with Stone Island as they celebrate 30 years since the late great Massimo Osti first began designing the famous jackets. I know a lot of meffs tend to get seen Stone Island clobber these days, but anyone with an appreciation for a well designed jacket and a smart bit of clobber, well this video is right up your alley, enjoy and try and remain patient with me.


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Unfortunately, due to an incident that occurred yesterday on twitter I’ve had to make my account private for the time being. I’ve never had an issue with keeping my twitter open for people to see upto now but after getting an unnecessary tongue lashing off a few unsavoury characters yesterday evening I figured the best conclusion was to privatise my account for the time being at least until said characters have found someone/something else to rip into.

Im still happy for people to follow my account however I am using quite a bit of caution as to whom I accept as a follower as unfortunately, unlike on wordpress, I can’t delete daft insults or abusive messages aimed personally at me.

Unfortunately, this will probably mean that the blog may not get as many new readers as it previously has, but I would rather risk lack of blog traffic than go through an evening of what was thrown at me yesterday.

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Recent Reads #2 – HALCYON Issue 01

I know I had a moan about the crappyness of 2011 in the last blog, however if there was one decent thing to take from last year it was the rise and my discovery of more independently written zines popping up here and there. One of my most recent, and favourite, reads last year was the very first issue of newly formed Liverpool (is right la) mag HALCYON. I first stumbled across Halcyon back in August when mooching about on twitter, at the time Halcyon was just a new webzine that was just starting off full of cracking little articles revolving around Football, Fashion, Film and Music one of which was published in August 2011’s issue of When Skies Are Grey (Everton fanzine). Not long after discovering the site and talking to a couple of the lads behind it via twitter I bumped into Dan (Sandison -Editor) and Rob (Gavin – Contributor/Co-Editor) at Weavers Door 1st Anniversary Birthday bash who made me aware that they were currently working on a potential paper version which got me rather excited and intrigued. So after a few months of keeping it on the sly the first issue of HALCYON Magazine was released just before Christmas, and I do have to honestly say it’s rather good.

The first thing you’ll notice about the zine is how well presented it is. Most “first issues” tend to be rather DIY and cut and paste and rough, not this one however. The magazine is presented in a rather excellent matted A4 complete with a good blend of greyscale and coloured imagery. Makes me wonder had I put that much effort into my zine (WithinXreach) when I was involved in the hardcore and straight edge scene years ago maybe I would have actually well, you know, released it. The articles are fantastically well written including a great interview with (now) Former WBC Super Middleweight champion Carl Froch prior to his bout with with Andre Ward last month in which he was stripped of his title after his 13 month reign. Other great articles in the mag include a a deck out with Liverpool indie outfit The Loud courtesy of the brilliant Weavers Door, an Average Footballer hall of fame featuring a Coventry City “Legend”, brand profiling of independently owned clothing brand “80’s Casuals” and a brilliant interview/article “Style Guide” with DJ Phat Phil Cooper a piece I found very intriguing myself as a bigger chap with an eye for smart clobber.

All in all the magazine, considering it’s a first issue, is excellent. I don’t think the lads behind it would be too upset with me if I said, being that it is a Liverpool based mag, there is definitely a “The End” influence in the magazine and although the execution is rather different (more concentrated and serious and a little less piss-takey, if that’s even a word) the general concept of the mag is on the same frame of mind i.e “Music, beer and football” (amongst other things) but in the end that’s NEVER a bad thing in my eyes, after all a great man once said that these subject matters were “The very stuff of life itself.” and let’s be honest, I think John Peel knew what he was talking about despite working for the BBC.

You can still pick up one of the last remaining copies of the mag from Weavers Door, Ran and Probe in Liverpool and in Ran and Oi Polloi in Manchester as well as a few other shops, check their FACEBOOK page or TWITTER for more details of where you can pick up a physical copy from. However, if by the time you read this and cannot get a copy of the zine you can view it on their website HERE. Oh did I mention it’s completely FREE as well, seriously, don’t sleep on this one.



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So long 2011, Hello 2012

To Hell with you 2011, you sucked!!

So 2011 is over and 2012 has began. Thank christ for that, seriously I don’t want to sound cliche but 2011 was probably the worst year for me on a personal level and one of the worst years I’ve witnessed with the crumbling of society since I’ve been alive.

Here is a list of why 2011 was crap and why I reckon 2012 will be a thousand times better.

2011 saw –

*Being one of the millions unemployed in the highest rate of unemployment the UK has seen in decades

*A consistant lack of motivation

*Being in debt

*Everton falling to pieces financially

*The UK turning into a scene from the 80’s with riots throughout the country

*The rise of brain rotting television programmes such as “It’s full of crap in Essex”, “Desperate Scousetarts” and “Geordie Tits”

*The loss of some of television, film, music and sports beloved, and in some cases less appreciated, characters i.e Peter Postlethwaite, Gary Speed, Christopher Hitchens, Liz Taylor, Henry Cooper, Jimmy Saville, Nate Dogg, Joe Fraizer, Jeff Conaway and Poly Styrene to mention but a few.

*The massacre in Norway and other various civil unrest throughout the world

*Justin Bieber and his completely ridiculous fanbase

*Maggie Thatcher still alive and kicking, unfortunately.

2012 will be loads better because –

*Im getting married in July

*I’ll finally be getting settled into a place of my own

*I feel motivated to get things going again, get back into work, out of debt, get healthy etc.

*With a bit of luck some of the mind rot tv will disappear off our screens

*I’ll get to discover loads of new projects that people are putting out and hopefully get involved with (i.e new zines etc)

*Landon Donovan has returned to Everton, this is good right?

*With a bit of luck sometime this year we may finally see the demise of Maggie.

So there, that’s my screw 2011, hello 2012 list done. I mean 2011 wasn’t all that bad, I did make a heap of new friends and got to get involved in some pretty cool activities like the parties at Weavers Door in Liverpool as well as stumbling across alot of nice new clobber. However, I feel 2012 has the potential of being the best year ever. Let’s hope this time next year I’m not saying the same thing about 2012 as I did with 2011.

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R.I.P Gary Ablett

The last time I updated the blog was with an entry remembering the late great Gary Speed’s untimely death in November and despite planning a big blog update it seems that will have to go on the back burner after the very sad news of the passing of yet another great former Everton player who I got to watch as a kid. Today former Everton, Liverpool and Birmingham (as well as a host of other clubs) defender Gary Ablett passed away after a 16 month battle against non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer of the blood cells).

Gary was brought to Everton from neighbours and rivals Liverpool in 1992 for a fee of £750,000 and established himself into the first team straight away. He played a massive role at Everton including playing a part in the famous “Great Escape” of the 93/94 season as well as playing a pivotal role in Joe Royle’s “Dogs of War” in 1995. He was part of the team that picked up Everton’s last pieces of silverware winning both the FA Cup in a well fought out battle against Alex Ferguson’s Man Utd millionaires team and shortly after beating League Champions Blackburn Rovers in the Charity Shield.

In 1996 after 158 appearances and 8 goals with Everton and Gary was sold to Birmingham and later went on to have spells at Wycombe, Blackpool and a brief spell in America with the Long Island Rough Riders however Gary returned to the club he had helped bring success to in a coaching role which got his managerial career off to a start. From Everton he went back across the park to the team he started with as Liverpool’s reserve manager and then having to take on the tough task of managing of an Administration plagued Stockport County.

His last footballing role was as Roy Keane’s assistant at Ipswich Town it was here that Gary was diagnosed with his condition and despite having a slim chance with his cancer he continued to put a smiling face on when interviewed in programmes and zines of his former clubs. As you can see below (the photo was taken from the Everton programme last season)

During his career Gary picked up 2 football league trophies with Liverpool, 2 FA Cup winners medals one with Everton, one with Liverpool as well as 4 Charity shield winners medals including a shared medal in 1990/1. He will be sorely missed by all at his former clubs but non-more than both Everton and Liverpool where he established a great career with both clubs from his home city.

R.I.P Gareth Ian Ablett  1965-2012 – Nil Satis Nisioptimum/You’ll Never Walk Alone

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