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Stone Island’s 30th Anniversary

Haven’t been writing a lot recently I’ve been busy, the next weeks are going to be even busier. I have an American friend travelling over next week and will be heading to the shambles that is Everton Football Club play away at Wigan’s ever “atmospheric”, yeh right, DW Stadium in a fortnight as well planning my wedding which is just 197 days away, CHRIST. I will try and get some writing done between now and then so try and bare with me as I try and juggle job interviews, weddings plans and attempting to maintain a slightly active social life.

For now watch this video, it’s a brilliant sneak peak of whats upcoming with Stone Island as they celebrate 30 years since the late great Massimo Osti first began designing the famous jackets. I know a lot of meffs tend to get seen Stone Island clobber these days, but anyone with an appreciation for a well designed jacket and a smart bit of clobber, well this video is right up your alley, enjoy and try and remain patient with me.


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