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ANOTHER Blog Attempt

So here I am again. Another day, another attempt to blog and get my little corner of the internet on the go. This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted to write a blog, in fact I would be lying if I said this was less than my 5th attempt. I think the problem I have had in the past is that when I have done blogs before I’ve gone overboard and updated too much and burnt myself out of topics to discuss and generally lost interest.

So I think for this here blog I just need to learn to chill a bit. Not update every day, give myself breaks from it that way when it comes to updates I’ll actually have things to write about I suppose.

So who am I and what is this all about. Well I’ll make it simple and quick. My name is Barrell (hence the blog name pun..clever eh) I’m an engaged man due to be married in July 2012 to my fiance Kirsty, I turn 25 the day after tomorrow actually (25/10), currently unemployed and I support Everton FC and have done for 20 years. This blog will mainly consist of talk about Football (specifically Everton), Terrace Culture, Fashion, Music, Movies, Books, Food, Ale and Photography. Pretty much just me talking about my likes and dislikes and my exploration and discovery in things as well me reviewing and ranting about things. Nothing special, nothing unique, just me writing about what I want to write about really.

Enjoy it, don’t enjoy it, subscribe, tell your mates or don’t. It’s entirely upto you.

So until next time…


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