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Prat of the Week #2

It’s that time of the week again, where I take a particular individual in the world, celebrity or not, and rip him/her and call them prat of the week. Very simple.

This week has been a VERY hard one for me mainly because I haven’t been keeping up with the news or come across any particular prats that jump out at me, apart from a few disguntled fellow Evertonians that make me embarrased to support the club, so this week’s prat of the week could be seen as a bit unfair and maybe slightly uncalled for. However, without further ado this week’s prat of the week goes to JOHN RYAN.

Oh John what have you done you prat!

For those who don’t know John Ryan is a “pioneer” of plastic surgery with a Guinness record as the oldest footballer of all time once coming on as a substitute in a league game aged 52. He is also the Chairman of Doncaster Rovers Football Club. Seems a pretty harmless guy right? Yeh, to be fair he is. So why would the chairman of Doncaster Rovers, a football club I have zero interest and zero affiliation with, be deemed by me as prat of the week? Well it’s for one reason and one reason only. He’s just put the most hated footballer in the country on a wage at his football club.

Yes Mr Ryans beloved Rovers have just signed the biggest and vilest bellend to ever grace the English Football Leagues, the one, the only (thank christ) El Hadji Diouf.

Oh Christ, not you again!!

Just when English football fans had thought we had seen the back of this complete and utter gobshite Mr Ryan goes and brings him back on a three month contract. I won’t go into details as to why I hate Diouf as much because, let’s be honest, it’s obvious how much of a vile, detestable human being this waste of space is. All I will ask is WHY? Mr Ryan, WHY? Why would you want this complete helmet affiliated with your football club? I’m just so glad that Donny are not and never will be a Premier League side. So, though it may seem somewhat petty that is why Mr John Ryan is officially prat of the week. Nice one John, you bulb!


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